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best wordpress hosting convesio

Convesio Review 2022

While setting up an online business, blog, or any other type of website, the thing important thing you require is reliable hosting.

In 2022, there are literally many options that come into one’s mind while searching for an excellent hosting service. But are they all good as they claim to be? Not always.

Hence, today in this guide, we’ll check out one of those so-called best hosting services, Convesio. And find out whether Convesio is the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio or not.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio – Unbiased Review

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting that comes with complete technical support. This platform offers excellent security, regular updates on your websites, and, more importantly, 24/7 support so that you only focus on scaling up your business without wasting time on managing the server.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio is partnered with some famous companies such as Cloudflare, Human Presence, Redis, making it a much more reliable option than others on the market right now.

Why Choose Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Over Others?

Ease of use:

A user-friendly interface makes it much easier for users to understand how to manage things around them. Talking about this hosting, then Yes, Convesio has a user-friendly interface, and any beginner or expert can use this reliable hosting even if he doesn’t have any coding knowledge.

Website Load Time:

We compared Best WordPress Hosting Convesio website load time with some other hosting services, and honestly, we got outstanding results. To test this out, we took a heavy website and hosted it on all the trending hosting service providers in 2022, along with Best WordPress Hosting Convesio.

Where most sites took around 1-2 seconds to load the first contentful paint, the site hosted on Convesio took a little faster, 0.8 seconds to load. So, Yes, Best WordPress Hosting Convesio gives you an advantage on website load time over other hosting services.

Database Clusters:

A database cluster is a group of databases that are continuously managed by a single database server. Convesio’s websites are operated by multiple powerful MySql servers and handle the website more effectively.


Several minutes of downtime can affect a high-ranking website so badly that it can begin to lose ranking keyword position, and sometimes pages can deindex in a worst-case scenario.

Websites hosted on Convesio usually never go down because of the load-balancer containers that reduce the traffic load and make your website visible to the users 24/7.

Automated Backups:

Convesio features secure backup options which automatically back up your website with all its data so that you can restore the website whenever you want. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your data getting damaged or lost as they get successfully stored in the cloud.


Website migration sometimes becomes a complicated process as you need to be very careful while migrating the website with all its essential data, and this is the reason why some hosting service providers charge a migration fee to perform this task. Convesio, on the other hand, allows you to transfer your website from any other hosting to this platform for free within 48 hours without any data loss.

30-Day Free Trial:

One of the best things about this managed WordPress hosting is that it provides a 30-day free trial that includes two free trial sites, 24/7 customer support, Free migration support, After and before website speed comparison, and assisted onboarding by filling a simple sign-up form, no need to enter your card details.

This is actually a great advantage for the users as you don’t have to pay a single penny to check out whether this hosting is good for you or not. Whether you want to compare its speed with any other hosting or want to learn about its user interface, you can do all of them without spending your money.

Great Customer Support:

The customer support of Convesio is actually better than some of the other well-known hosting service providers like GoDaddy. You can contact their support team anytime by live chat and email, and they’ll do whatever it takes to solve your problem, which is missing from some well-known so-called best hosting service providers in 2022.

Plans & Pricing:

Convesio hosting has three plans for all types of websites or online businesses, out of which you can select according to your need.


The Starter plan, better known as the level 1 plan, seems to be the best hosting plan for beginners or someone who is just stepping into the online world. The plan features 5GB disk space which can be extended further according to the $20 per 10 GB rate. Also, 512MB of Memory, and 50GB of Bandwidth which you can further extend according to your requirement.


Convesio’s business plan is divided into three different levels such as level 2, level 3, and level 4. Level 2 offers you 10 Gb of disk space with 2 GB of Memory with 100 GB of Bandwidth for $150, level 3 offers 10 Gb of disk space but with 6Gb Memory including 300 GB of bandwidth for $300, and finally, level 4 offers the same disk space but with 12 GB of Memory and 500 Gb bandwidth in $600.


Convesio’s enterprise plan starts from $1000/month and goes up to 2,400/month, making it quite expensive compared to other hosting services, and this plan is only recommended if you have a large business.


Considering all the points mentioned above, it is crystal clear that Convesio is a far better option than some other hosting services in 2022. It is slightly more expensive than others, but its features and services are pretty appreciable.

An ideal hosting should have an easy-to-use interface, good website load times, 24/7 uptime, fat caching, free migration services, and the great customer support that Convesio has.

Lastly, you can look forward to investing in Convesio whether you are a beginner or an expert looking for a better hosting service than their current plan. However, there are many great options available for beginners like Hostinger, Namecheap, Siteground, etc., but for huge traffic websites, the best managed WordPress Convesio is unbeatable.

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