How to make a professional and free logo with the best online tool

Do you want to know how to make a free logo with the best online tool and professional online logo easily? Well, I can’t think of anything better than reading this article, because I’m going to show you what for me is the best tool that exists to create logos online.

The other day I gave you a lecture on one of the most important aspects that you have to take into account when you launch your website and want to get visibility through search engines, Google being the Almighty God: SEO .

Today, at the risk of sounding like your mother, I’m here to give you another lecture on another thing you need to have on your to-do list at the beginning of your project.

Because as I already told you, when you start an online project there are a thousand and one things that deserve your attention.

In this post I will explain some of the ways that exist to make logos for free and with which you will obtain a remarkable result without having to be a graphic designer.

This option is for those people who do not want or cannot spend more money on their project and who do not need to have a totally custom logo.

So if you want to know how to make a simple but professional logo without having to pay a dime, this article can be of great help to you.

If what you want is an original, unique and 100% personalized logo, it is possible that with the tools that I am going to teach you you will not have enough and you will have to hire an experienced graphic designer, but try them out!

What kind of logo can I make?

Depending on how your website is, one type of logo or another will suit you more.

Starting with the basics, if your website has serious content and you want to give it a 100% professional and friendly look, you are not going to put a panda bear as a logo.

And the same the other way around. If you are going to have colloquial and relatable content and you want to give it a nice and friendly look, you may not want to have a formal logo either.

If it is about a specific theme, you can include an image that represents it. For example, if it is a travel website, it could be an airplane or the globe.

If you want to create a personal brand, the logo can simply be your first name and last name.

Or you can also make a logo playing with the initials of the name of the website, like the one from The web of your life: free logo with the best online tool

How to design a logo

Once you have chosen the type of logo you want for your project, it is time to start with the design.

One of the best programs for making logos is Adobe Illustrator. With it, you can do tricks, but it has two problems if you are a novice:

It is paid and has so many options that you can go crazy to learn how to do even the most basic.

Another program to make logos could be Adobe Photoshop, but we are in the same situation as Illustrator.

The solution if you don’t want to learn how these two programs work or pay for them (or be a pirate downloading it from one of the many sites that offer it 100% functional, eh?), you can go through installing Gimp, which is a program of the free edition. It is like Photoshop but free and with fewer features.

Then there is the easiest option of all: use one of the pages to create free logos that exist, which is the option that I recommend if you want to have a good logo without complicating your life too much, and it is the one that I am going to show you next. .

Pages to create a free logo with the best online tool

There are many pages to make free logos with the best online tool on the internet, and their operation is usually similar between them.

As I have already told you, it is the easiest and fastest way to design your logo yourself and not look like it was made by a two-year-old.

The result can be really good and worthy of being done by a graphic design professional.

So let’s see how to make a logo with what for me is the best online design page.

How to make a logo online with Canva, the best tool

Canva is possibly the best tool for creating designs online. But since we have come to talk about logos, we are not going to talk about everything else.

To start creating the logo, you have to create a free account and create a design. In the “Marketing Materials” section, select the “Logo” option.

A new window will open with all the tools to create your logo on the left with a free logo with the best online tool

In the “Mockups” tab you have a bunch of predefined logo designs. If there is one you like, you can select it and it will be displayed on the right side of the screen. (free logo with the best online tool)

From there, you can edit all the components of the logo: the text, the images, the sizes, the positions, etc.

Although if you don’t like any of the designs, or you directly want to make your logo from scratch, you can go directly to the next tab.

From the “Elements” tab you can add new elements to the design, you can choose between all of these:

In each of these categories, you will find multiple designs to add to your logo.

From the “Text” tab you can add some text and give it the format you want. You can also add some of the preformatted texts and change the text for another.(free logo with the best online tool)

Finally, in the “Upload” tab you can upload your own photos or images to insert them into your logo.

With all of these tools, you can make a pretty custom, complete, and professionally finished logo. A wonder that I encourage you to try as a first option.(free logo with the best online tool)


The difference between spending 300 euros or more and not spending a penny, goes through one of the options that I give you in this article.

I say again that although it is a very good tool if you want a totally personalized logo, something that you have in your head and want to capture digitally, you may need to use a design program such as Illustrator or Photoshop Better free logo with the best online tool.

And if you don’t have the time or desire to learn how they work, you’ll have to pay the checkout to hire a graphic designer.

But for many cases, Canva can be the solution you are looking for because totally professional and varied results are achieved thanks to its many design options.

And now that you know how to make a logo with this online tool, I encourage you to try creating your own.

What option have you used or are you going to use to create your logo? Have you ever used Canva? Or do you prefer to entrust the work to a professional? (free logo with the best online tool)

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