HTML 5 Web Element Fundamentals Explained

html 5 web element fudamentals

HTML5 is a language designed to organize web content. It is intended to make web design and development easier by creating a standardized and intuitive UI markup language. HTML5 provides the means to dissect and compartmentalize your pages, and it allows you to create discrete elements that are not only designed to organize your site logically but are also created to give your site syndication capabilities. HTML5 could be called the “information mapping approach to website design” because it incorporates the essence of information mapping, dividing and labeling information to make it easy to use and understand. This is the foundation of HTML5’s dramatic semantic and aesthetic utility. HTML5 gives designers and developers of all levels the ability to publish to the world everything from simple text content to rich, interactive multimedia.

HTML5 provides effective data management, drawing, video, and audio tools. It facilitates the development of cross-browser applications for the web as well as portable devices. HTML5 is one of the technologies driving the advances in mobile cloud computing services, as it allows for greater flexibility, permitting the development of exciting and interactive websites. It also introduces new tags and enhancements, including an elegant structure, form controls, APIs, multimedia, database support, and significantly faster processing speed.

What is HTML?

HTML means Hyper text markup Language. Its a language that contains a frame. Its a programming language or not a scripting language. It’s a frame type of language that’s work for design a website.

What interactive web elements needs to start HTML?

Many types of text editor is now published in the market. Here We will mention many of them that is very popular.

If you want to start HTML then firstly you have to prepare your device and then you can start HTML.

Device prepare means ready to starting coding. To start coding need a text editor and a browser. Today, I am showing to the popular text editor and browser.

Sublime text 3:

Sublime text is one of the popular text editor for HTML. It’s using very easy. It has some skill like detecting keyword. Sublime text is 2 kind are published in market. It’s a free text editor but you can also use it free.


Notepad++ is one of the popular text editor for HTML. It’s using very easy. If you want to use it with her skill then you have to install some library and then you can use it easily. It’s also free and paid version.

Visual Studio:

It is also one of the popular text editor for HTML. It’s also using very easy. It’s can use free or paid.

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