Top 6 Backlinks ideas to use for new websites

6 ideas to get backlinks

Creative Ideas to Get Backlinks

There’s no denying that backlinks are crucial for your SEO strategy. Even if you already have good content, backlinks can push your website further. That’s why we’re going to go over six creative ways you can use to create backlinks for new websites in 2023. Let’s go.

So let me start off by saying that getting backlinks is not easy. This is one of the most difficult parts of SEO, but it really helps with your ranking strategy. So you need to work on it. And what we’re going to talk about is going to help you do it in an easy way that it’s free, but it does require work and that’s something that you need to keep in mind with anything that has to do with SEO, you have to put the work in. So let’s start with the first creative way you can use to create backlinks for your website.

Warm collaborations

You may have heard it by the name of guest posts. I like to call them collaborations because there’s something different. And I call them warm collaborations because you’re not going to be cold emailing anyone to get backlinks. Most of the guest posting SEO strategies are to get backlinks involved by sending cold emails to a lot of website owners in order to try to get them to post a backlink to your content or to your website. You’re sending hundreds, sometimes thousands of emails to people you don’t know. And the response rate is usually a little bit low unless you’ve been doing it for a while.

A lot of experts can get future response rates, but if you’re starting out, it’s going to be really hard. So that’s why I’m proposing that you do warm collaborations. Being warm because you’re not going to reach out to strangers. You’re going to reach out to people that you know. People around your industry, business partners, friends of yours, and someone in your audience in case you already have a following on social media. And what you’re going to figure out is which of those people in your audience has websites that are somehow related to your own business.

So for example, if you’re a developer and you’re building software, then you can find other people you know who are also building similar software services and offer them content to post on their websites with a link back to your website. So when you reach out to those people, it’s going to be a little bit easier because you already know them, you already have a relationship with them, so it’s going to be easier to reach out and offer them content in return for a backlash.

If you’re into Twitter, go into Twitter and see how many people you have there who have websites that created a product similar to yours, or at least in the same industry, and offer them to create content. It really is that simple.

All right, so let me show you a really quick example of how I would do it. I would just go into my Facebook account. Why? Because my biggest audience is on Facebook. So do whatever you do best. If you do LinkedIn, if you do Twitter, if you Facebook if you do Instagram, whatever, go and look at your audience and see if there’s anyone with a website or a business that is related to whatever it is that you do. And then you can offer them content for their website in return.

How would I do it? As I said, I would come here and here immediately. I can see some of the contacts that I have, people that are following me, and that I’m following them as well. And for example, let’s start with the person I know. So suppose Brian created software called Swift Ads. He also has an advertising agency, and I’m sure he has a website right here, Swift at IO.

So let’s say that I want to get a backlink for Catlins, which is my SEO tool. I could pitch him to write an article for his website related to “how to pick the best keywords for a PPC campaign”. He would get free content related to his business, and his website, and I could get a backlink in return. So a win-win in both cases.

Creative way number two to create backlinks for your website,

Create a how-to guide, and promote it.

How-to guides are shareable resources. That means that if you created and promoted it, people might actually share it around and people could post it on their blogs or on their websites because they see the benefit in sharing a how-to guide.

For example, maybe you created a Twitter analytics tool. Well, you can write a how-to guide on how to get from zero to 10,000 followers in twelve months. Something like that could be really attractive to someone who’s trying to grow an audience on Twitter. You can offer that how-to guide and then other people can also share around. And you’re going to start getting backlinks once people start posting it on their website.

Now, do keep in mind that anything with SEO, takes time. If you want to know how it works, check this. You may not get a lot of backlinks to start with, but a how-to article tends to be evergreen. That means that over time, people will start sharing it, getting value from it, and talking about it, and that will start bringing in the backlinks. But not just that, but it will also start bringing in some referral traffic from wherever the content is being shared as well. So it has a double benefit.

You get traffic, but you also have the chance to get some backlinks to your website.

Build a small tool

Creative way number three, To get more backlinks to your website, build a small tool or a small website that solves a problem. This is something that we usually call site project marketing, which is like a separate tool or a separate website that will promote our main business. So let me show you a couple of examples of how that works and then you can probably understand it a little bit better. All right, so this website is called Watsotweet.

What to tweet

You can find it at and pretty much what it does is give you ideas about what you can tweet about. That simple. So immediately when you enter, it gives you the first idea of what’s something you believe that goes against conventional wisdom. So you can write something about that for Twitter. If you click on a new prompt, it will give you another idea. Share an unpopular opinion, share a prediction, or share a thread you found valuable.

And if you click here, it will show you some examples of someone who did that on Twitter, right, reshare something created months ago, etc.

Now, if you notice at the bottom, it has this label that says get personalized tweet inspirations with Tweet Hunter.

So Tweet Hunter is a SaaS tool that connects to Twitter and it gives you a lot of data and inspiration about what you can write about on Twitter. But what they do here is that you can try it now and you see they use this small tool with tweet ideas to promote their main business.

tweet hunter

Now, how this works is that this tool is shareable. Like people want to share it a lot because it’s really simple, it’s free, so it gets a lot of backlinks, but then the authority gather from those backlinks gets transferred over to their main domain. Amazing idea.

Now let me show you another example. And this is actually my website. And it works pretty similarly to the other website I just showed you about Twitter. But this is about SEO. So when you come here, you can get SEO tips. All you have to do is click here where it says Show SEO tip. And you get a tip and a video guide. But just click show another. And here it is. Check your website regularly for malware and viruses. And then it gives you an article on my real website where I explain how you can do that. And you can click on show another tip and show Another tip and you’re going to get a bunch of tips related to SEO.

This is a really useful tool. And within this, I also have some links to my SEO tool which is called Microdeveloperspro. These kinds of tools can help you promote your main business or your other projects, and they can gather backlinks, which is really strong for your SEO strategy. Something important to mention is that in these examples that I just showed you, those tools or small websites were built on their own domain, separate from the main business domains.

But even though that’s good, it’s not as strong as if those tools were built within the website that you want to get the backlinks for. So, for example, the ideal way for me to have done it is if I want to get backlinks for, which is the website for my SEO tool, I should have created this tool within the domain. So it would have been, and then people would find all of the tips right there. And if I get any backlinks, I get them directly to my website. That’s the best way to do it for SEO.

Now, if you have other branding ideas or different project ideas, which is what I did, you would put them on a separate domain and that works. But just keep that in mind. You can create different types of tools, but try to make them within your website so you can get all the backlinks to where it matters.


Creative way number four to get more backlinks to your website’s right testimonials. How does that work? Really simple. A lot of websites out there, and this works more on B2B. Like business websites that target other businesses. They usually have a page where they showcase testimonials and sometimes to provide additional social proof, they will also put a link to the website of the other business, which is their client that is writing the testimonial. So you can check that it’s a real test. Go to their websites and check for the testimonials section, and if they have a section like this where they showcase testimonials with a link back to their clients, write a good testimonial for them and send it over.

You may get published on their website and get a free backlink.

Look for unlinked brands mentioned

Creative way number five to get more backlinks for your website, look for unlinked brands mentioned.

So once you have an established business that a lot of people know, it’s possible that someone out there on the internet has written something about you, but maybe did not add a link to it. That’s pretty common. Happens more than you think that people mention a business or a software tool or a company, but do not add a link to it. If you can find those unlinked brand mentions, you can reach out to the website owner and ask them politely to include a link back to your website.

If they already took the time to talk about your business and mention your business, it wouldn’t be that hard to get them to actually link to your website. There are several tools out there that can help you do that. It’s really that simple.

If you want to automate the process, look into setting up Google alerts so Google can let you know when someone mentions your brand online. That would be much faster. So go look for your unlinked brand mentions and turn them into backlinks creative.

Create a training course

Way number six. To get more backlinks for your website, create a training course. I left this until the end because this one is the most complicated one because you have to create a lot of good content for it to work.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I create a detailed video course so people can learn how to do SEO and I put a price tag on it for, let’s say, $299. I have to create a really good course because I am going to be selling it. But here’s the thing. When you promote it, you can tell people you can pay 299 or for a limited time, if you have a website, you can write a blog post to help me promote my course and you’ll get it for free. That’s exactly how it sounds.

You give the course away in exchange for a backlink. It may seem like a lot of work, but it can get more backlinks to your website and get good authority backlinks. Because if someone really wants to learn SEO and really wants to get your course, it will cost them nothing to write something about your course on their website.

So what’s the benefit of this? You get a backlink. They write a blog post about your course. So you get people who might find it and also buy it. So best case, you get backlinks and you sell the course. Worst case, you only sell the course and you don’t get a backlink. Either way, you’re going to get something from it. I know this is more out of the box and requires a lot of work, but I’ve seen a lot of people do something like this where they create something really engaging, something that will provide a lot of value and give it away for free in exchange for promotion, right?

So that’s the same thing. You’re going to give out a product and they’re going to give you a backlink out of the box. I did say it was going to be creative. It’ll help you get a backlink. A lot of backlinks, trust me.


So there you have it. Six creative ways for you to get backlinks for your website. As I said at the beginning, getting backlinks is not easy. So these six ideas are not going to be easy to implement. But if you get them right, you can get a lot of backlinks to your website without actually spending any money, you will have to spend time working on it. As with anything with SEO, of course, you have to put in the work and put in the time to get the results that you are looking for.

But even though you get more backlinks for your website and even though it will help you rank much faster, there are other things that you need to track and you need to measure to make sure that your SEO strategy is working. And you have to implement other SEO strategies so that you can learn about SEO strategies. So see you over these articles-

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