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Improve SEO rankings

In the case of SEO… there is no shortcut option. Without doing proper SEO, you can’t even imagine getting visitors from google and ranking your website content in google. In this article, I am going to tell you some proven and tested ways to improve SEO rankings which is very effective in the newest google Search console update. So let’s get started.

Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

Now, first of all, we all know why we do SEO. The answer is easy, to rank higher in google. So for ranking higher in google first we have to learn about google’s strategies, how they check our content, and how Ho do they decide which content is worthy to rank higher. To say in a line… we have to understand Search Console Coverage.
Ok… I said we have to understand search console coverage, but this article is not about search console coverage. I have already analyzed this and shearing the final results in this article. Ok, now it’s time to know what I discovered on how to improve  SEO rankings.

Proven and tested ways to improve SEO Rankings ( The result of search console coverage research )

You may have read many long articles and essays about improving SEO rankings. You may have learned thousands of ways to improve SEO rankings. But only a few ways are effective.

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Publishing Relevant, Authoritative, and quality content

This is one of the biggest challenges bloggers and content writers face. How to create good, relevant, and high-quality content. For making high-quality content, you have to follow several ways. For my suggestion, you can follow these steps in order to make content high quality and readable-

  • Case studies / Research about your keyword

    One of the most authoritative types of content is a case study. In a word, it means firstly research your content and show the results in your article. The basic rules for this are –
    1. Research your keyword.
    2. Get a relevant result.
    3. Show the results in your article

  • Analysis

    This step is not a suggestion, this step is a must for creating every type of content. You must analysis about your selected keywords. You have to know every single detail of these keywords and try to show these shortly in your content. This will make your content next level.

  • Publishing evergreen content

    The most effective way to make your visitors engaged is to publish content about trending topics. This step is so important that some publications only focus about publish content only tending topics. So, I think you got the point. Try to publish trending content.

  • Approche a topic from a different angle

    The main problem of content marketing is, most of the topics have been covered already. You’re not only the person who is creating content about a single topic. The topic may be already covered by others. To overcome this problem, you have to create content by covering a topic/keyword from every angle.

  • Use media, infographics

    You should try to add media like videos, photos, charts, and so on. This will make your content more informative and improve SEO rankings.

Update your content regularly

To keep your visitors engaged, you have to update your content regularly. There is nothing to write about it. The only thing is, you have to publish content regularly on your website. There is nothing to write about it, but I can tell you the benefits of updating content regularly-

  1. It will boost your SEO
  2. It will keep your viewers informed
  3. It will improve your marketing
  4. It will keep your content fresh
  5. It will make you an active visitor to your website.

Deliver a great page experience

Page experience is a set of signals that measures how users are perceiving the experience of interacting with your website. In both mobile and desktop devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile or desktop device, you must try to monitor your website speed and try to improve it. Mainly, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

Try to compress file sizes that show on your web pages. For example, try to make all the images in webp format so that they can be loaded faster.

Try to enable browser caching. It means, if a web browser opens a webpage, it loads some resources from that page. Browser caching stores these resources in the user’s device locally so that when a user goes to another page of that website, they don’t have to load the resources again. It is already saved locally in the user’s device.

You can focus on these things to improve speed-

  • Script Handling
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SSl enabled
  • No Intrusive Interstitials

Use alt tags

When a user opens a webpage, he sees the webpage and how it is designed. But when a crawler comes to check a website, it doesn’t see the webpage as we see. It checks the codes. So It won’t see the images. So you have added alt tags to these images so that crawler can understand what is this image about. It is also applicable to videos and other media types.

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