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legal texts

legal texts for your website One of the tasks that few people think about when creating their blog , website, or online store, is the legal texts that (almost) all websites must include.

Yes, when you are excited about the process of creating your website, you can think of a thousand things: what platform are you going to create it on, what theme are you going to install, what plugins are you going to use, what email marketing platform are you going to use, etc. , etc.

But few people think about what legal texts they need to put on their website . And of the people who think about them, few make an effort to investigate much what those texts have to include, and they limit themselves to copying and pasting the texts of the first website they catch.

Previously, I explained how to comply with the law with your website , explaining in what cases it is necessary to include each of the legal texts and what each of them should include.

If you do not know very well what texts you should include on your website, I recommend you read the article that I just put. I also recommend it if you want to write these texts yourself. Although, sometimes, doing it yourself can mean leaving important things that are not 100% complete.

In this article, I am going to focus on explaining some of the best options you have so that the legal texts of your website are complete and include everything necessary to cover the legal aspects to comply 100% with the law , whatever the type of website you have.

Why your website should include legal texts

First of all, to comply with the law, without further ado. Do you know the acronyms RGPD, LOPD and LSSI ? These are the laws that regulate the privacy of data on the Internet and that must be complied with by all websites that collect user data , whatever the data may be, Than legal texts for your website.

Failure to comply with the law can result in fines ranging from 600 euros to 600,000 euros . Do you think it is little reason to save yourself a fine of such an amount?

But, although that is the main reason to include legal texts on your website, it is not the only one.

There is also a reason at the marketing level, and that is that having a website that complies with the law will mean an increase in trust in your users, so that there are more possibilities that they end up contracting your services or buying your products.

A website that does not take care of the legal aspect and does not have the relevant texts anywhere, does not generate any type of trust. Not only because the owner has not bothered in the least to comply with the law, but also because you do not know who is really behind the web.

Would you give your money to a website without any guarantee and without knowing who you are giving your money to? I do not.

How to get legal texts that comply with the RGPD and the LOPD

Well, now that you know why you can’t miss some texts to comply with the law on your website , let’s see how you can obtain them.

Obviously, one way would be to write them yourself. In the article that I left you at the beginning, you have a small guide with the data that must be included in them.

Either because they have no idea where to start writing, or because they are afraid of not knowing how to write them to comply 100% with the law.

There are many websites with different purposes and that collect different data from users, so sometimes you don’t know very well what is best for you.

Therefore, the best thing in these cases is to delegate the drafting of these texts to a person or company specialized in online legality or to a lawyer who also controls this issue.

These companies will study your specific case and write the legal texts specifically for your website, adding all the necessary data depending on the type of website you have and the user data you are going to collect.

The prices of this service will vary depending on the professional’s fees and the type of website you have, but to give you an idea, they can start at around €150/200 and up.

legal texts for your website, Apart from this, you have another option, which, in my opinion, is a success for most cases, especially if your budget is not very high and your website is not too complex.

Legal texts for web, online store, affiliates or infoproducts

Whether you have an informative website, or an online store with physical or digital products (so-called infoproducts), or you have niche websites (for example, Amazon Affiliates ) you can purchase Marina’s legal kits to legalize your website 100% %, since, according to their experience, 90% of the cases are the same and a totally personalized adaptation is not necessary.

With the purchase of a legal kit, you get all the legal texts that your website needs, the necessary instructions to adapt them to your case, GDPR compliance manuals, and more interesting things, depending on the kit you buy .

Without a doubt, it is the option that I recommend if you want to have a completely legal website, but you do not want to have to write the texts yourself, nor do you have a large budget for a personalized consultancy, since this option is halfway between both and the result will be completely satisfactory.


Well, you already know the importance of having your website adapted to legality and the best option to achieve it in the vast majority of cases.

You no longer have an excuse not to have a legal website , so get to work to get your legal texts that not only save you from a sanction that leaves your pocket trembling, but also help you generate that much-needed trust with your users.

Don’t worry about this issue, the only thing it can bring you are problems, and that’s the last thing those of us who are dedicated to online business want

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