Why should you choose the Apex Hosting plan 2022?

Apex Hosting Minecraft Review


Apex Hosting is a business based in the United States that was established in 2013 with the goal of delivering the highest level of client support to our Minecraft server hosting clients. They are recorded in Florida (the United States), with their primary office in sunny Sarasota. In terms of data centers, users can presently choose from eighteen places around the world, which is an incredible amount of choice and the right way to keep latency to a minimum.

I studied the apex hosting server by comparing mod pack support, hardware quality, the comfort of use, user manuals support, price, and then I wrapped any additional parts you may locate with apex. It’s a highly in-depth review of all of these different steps. Let’s get started right away, without further ado.



Apex Hosting Review: Benefits


  1. Simplicity of Use

The first category we’ll look at is the ease of use, which encompasses a few things. The ease of setting up and purchasing the server at apex hosting comes first. The server can be set up in a matter of minutes. That’s all it takes to set up the server and get it up and running in a matter of minutes. It includes mod packs on paper and adding plugins to your server on paper. Setting up a mod pack and a paper server, a bucket server, or a forward server can all be done in that five-minute time frame.


  1. User manual

Apex hosting has a plethora of different user guidelines that you can use, and best of all, they have that custom MultiCraft panel that I mentioned. These different user guides can be found on the left-hand side of the website page and vary depending on where you are. They will be different if you are in the console than if you are on the main page.

Depending on whether you are on the FTP page, the chat page, or the scheduled task page. Apex hosting also has text articles for almost everything we do because it’s often easier to follow along that way.


  1. Informational database

If you want to run a good Minecraft hosting site, you must have a good database. If the database does not have enough space, it will be impossible to properly manage and host the follower. In this case, an Apex hosting server is required to host a game. This hosting server includes everything you need, as it requires both an excellent database to run a game and a good database for hosting. So you get the user for this server, and if you want to create your own personal Minecraft server, Apex hosting has a MySQL system that allows you to access all of your databases.


  1. Security

Security is a significant concern when hosting your own Minecraft server because it necessitates extra effort to protect players’ privacy as well as their data. You can’t expect to grow your gaming community unless you have proper security protocols in place.

Apex Hosting’s networks are well protected against both small and large-scale DDoS attacks, ensuring player safety. This is taken care of, and security measures such as SSL certificates are provided to ensure optimal data security and privacy.

If safety is your primary concern, we recommend that you choose the highest pricing package, as you will be able to create a server without constantly worrying about it.


  1. Pricing for Apex Server Hosting

Apex Hosting’s pricing packages are solely based on the amount of RAM you require for your server. Users may become perplexed as a result of this. Apex Server Hosting does, however, provide guidance on how to select the most appropriate pricing package for you. It is important to note that if you intend to install any additional plugins or Mods, you will need more RAM than you think.



  • Basic Servers – 1 GB $4.49 First Month
  • Some Modpacks and Basic Servers – 2 GB $7.49 First Month
  • Basic Servers and Some Modpacks – 3 GB $11.24 First Month
  • Most Modpacks and Basic Servers – 4 GB $14.99 First Month
  • Basic Servers and Most Modpacks – 5GB $18.74 First Month
  • All Modpacks and Basic Servers – 6GB $22.49 First Month
  • Basic Servers and All Modpacks – 7 GB $26.24 First Month


Why should you choose the Apex Hosting plan?

  • Apex Hosting Server’s applications are easy to operate and install.
  • There is a quantity of data hubs around the world.
  • This hosting server has a multicraft business panel, which is equivalent to cPanel in clarity.
  • This hosting server protects its customers’ info and privacy and furnishes DDOS protection.
  • Apex Hosting Server shows live chat and specialized support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • This top hosting server delivers FTP access.
  • This Apex hosting server contains a popular database known as MySQL Database.
  • This hosting service allows you to set up your website fast.
  • You will have the use of automated backup on this server.
  • This hosting server delivers substantial deals to new customers.


Installation of Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting Installation is complimentary of any extreme chores found on other media. It has the use of automatic and quick installation. Generally, hosts can take hours to get the activation up and scramble. However, with Apex Server Hosting, you can preserve your own concrete Minecraft hosting server in a matter of seconds.


The following is the installation procedure:

  • Select a Plan.
  • Please enter your personal information.
  • To make the payment, select a payment method.
  • Your account will be activated once you have paid, and you will be able to begin customizing your site.
  • As previously stated, customization is simple thanks to the Multicraft tool provided by the hosting platform.

Apex Hosting’s increasing popularity among Minecraft fans can be attributed to a digit of factors, including a broad range of server options and total control over it. When we connect fast and lag-free version, backups and DDoS security, an easy-to-use control panel, and first-rate support, it’s hard to say “no” to Apex Hosting.

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