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astra vs flatsome theme

Welcome to WordPress Journal -The overall WordPress guide website. Astra and flatsome is one of the famous wordpress themes nowadays.  So it is a tough choice between them, which we should use and which theme is better. So let’s see the comparison of Astra VS Flatsome theme, let’s have a conclusion which theme is best.

Astra theme ( Astra vs Flatsome )

Before starting the review of Astra theme, let me tell you that this theme is made for increasing loading speed for sites using this theme. By review information, more than 1.653.898+ people have insured about there site health to Astra. This theme was specially built from scratch to speed up the loading speed of the site. Making a website faster is on of the most important issue for SEO.

The faster your website, the it ranks in google , the longer visitor stay in your site.  So making a website faster is very important in the term of ranking top on google. So every has to maintain the speed of his/her website but providing a premium feeling of the website. With Astra theme, your site will get a professional look with a optimized speed.

Rating of Astra theme

We have checked the rating of Astra theme from Astra theme is getting 5 start in various topics such as-

More than 1.6 millions of websites using Astra theme free version and more than 1 million websites is using Astra pro version.  Now at 19/8/2022, it has more than 5k reviews ( 5088 ) and most of them is 5 star review. And averagely it has 5.9 star reviews according to the information of It has got 4934 5 star reviews in 5088 reviews. So you got an idea about the user experience of Astra theme. 

I hope I have given you a basic idea about the user experience of Astra theme.

Astra shop

Astra theme is mainly made for making web shops and generating more sales on ecommerce sites. So this themes and its templates contain web shop themes with highly optimized speed and professional looking. A shop made with Astra is much faster than any other themes available on internet.

You can see it is tested against more than 50 themes and in this term Astra is faster than other themes. A faster website is not only accepted by google but also accepted by visitors. I have already told about the importance of a faster website.

And on of the most important thing is, how many people reading this article and from them how many people know professional coding ? I am sure most of the answer is no. Learning programming codes is not as easy as buying a theme. But Astra theme’s most important features is code free customization. Peoples create web shop to focus on their sales, their main target is to increase their sales. On the other hand, most probably they have zero knowledge about coding. So code free customization is a good part of this theme.

And this theme have some extra unique features that makes it different from other themes.

In most of the cases, developer has to create this options with other plugins. But Astra provides this option  as a built in option.

Astra : Demos

If we talk about the demos of Astra, it provides more than 180 complete websites. Not a single page or a certain amount of page. It provides a full website which you can import in just a click and customize it with your genius brains creativity. This demos were prepared by Astra developers, so we can say these are high quality and professional templates with out any doubt.

And the most important thing that I must say, these themes are not only responsive but also a perfect design for mobile users. The paid extra attention to create a perfect design for mobile. This is why it also attracts mobile visitors and increase sales.

It is noticeable that you can change check out page, cart page product age as you wish with other page builders like elementor or others. For this, you don’t need to know any type of technical or coding knowledge. A poorly build page may be the main reason for dropping your sales. When it comes about E-commerce, Astra thought everything about this and created there theme like that.

Loading Speed of Astra

As I have already told about Astra theme that it is so fast which is profitable for your business. If you test a website running on Astra theme, you can see the speed result. But for the test I created an website and tested with some speed test tools like GTmetrix and you can see the result here-

Use google, gmetrics, y-slow, pingdom or other tools, it always performs great. There are a few themes that can match with this result. With my experience I have only seen generatepress theme which can be compared with this result.

So I think you have got a idea about its speed and loading time.  So the argument is finished about Astra speed.

Pagebuilder : Astra

Astra is completely ok with most famous page builder Elementor or elementor pro. It works with elementor side by side like it made for each other. You can manage it from Astra theme panel or customization section of wordpress. But it is completely ready to customize with any type of pagebuilders like elementor or elementor pro. It works hand in hand with elementor pro + free version as if they are two flowers of a tree.

It is not necessary to buy pro version of Astra and Elementor rather they both have a free version though it have less options. But you can work fine with limited edition of free version. Even Astra’s website is telling that this theme is mainly made for Elementor

Schema markup in Astra

Schema markup is one of the most important thing for ranking higher in google. This is a short snipptets of information which is shown on search engine and gives visitor a better idea about the content in the item of search. Doing it helps a website to rank higher fast of a website. But in this case Astra theme automatically adds schema markup to your website, which also helps you to rank higher on google.

If you don’t know what is shcema markup, Then see this examples-

image credit –

Combination of Astra and LearnDash

Learndash is a wodpress learning management system, which is used to create a website which provides online courses or online classes or something like this. The combination of Astra and Learn dash is great. It is very easy to create a LMS ( learning management system ) in wordpress with Astra + Learndash integration. Astra offers many design options which helps visitors or students to have a great experience of learning.

It also contains another LMS except Learndash. LifterLms is another LMS like LearnDash. You can provide maximum comfort and best learning experience to students or learner of any type. You can make design as you want, Astra gives you full access to the design they created.

So making a web shop or making a LMS or course website is very easy and professional with Astra.

Header, Footer and 404 page of Astra

In Astra pro version you will get option for customizing Header, making it transparent, Astra custom Headers,  footer as you wish without any coding skills or technology skills or experiences. The same goes for your 404 page. But transparent headers, custom headers and custom footers are pro features.

Conclusion of Astra theme review

Astra theme is a very special and popular theme. It has so much more to show and offer to its users. millions of users using this theme and sharing there feedbacks. I have collected all information and gathered this to you I hope you like this. Thanks for reading Astra theme review from start to this point.

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Flatsome Theme Free

In this comparison of Astra vs Flatsome theme in 2022/2023 we have already learnt about Astra theme and we already know Astra has two variants free and paid. But Flatsome theme has only paid variant. Although this has only paid variant, it got the tag of a famous theme with a great amount of reviews. Astra was made for a faster user experience and it got a huge amount of attention from users. Now it’s time to see is it also true for Flatsome or not.

You can also download Flatsome theme free from different sources from internet. Downloading Flatsome theme free version like nulled or gpl may contains viruses which can harm to your website.

Flatsome – Reviews, ratings and more…

As we said flatsome theme is a paid theme which can be bought from ThemeForest or different more sources. So it is expected that it most probably that it will not have much review than Astra theme. But making us wrong it has more than 5.5k reviews which is greater than Astra.

According to themeforest review, Flatsome theme got 5576 customer reviews and the average review is 4.80 star out of 5.00 which is not bad. This is a huge amount and proves that it got a huge amount sales. This theme as already sold for more than 170.392+ times and you have a idea about this amount. It comes on market about in the last of 2013 and till now after many upgrades it got famous and sold for many times.

You can imagine that this theme is being improving for more than almost 10 years, so you got an idea about this theme.

Flatsome review : Woocommerce

Specially flatsome is made for ecommerce websites. So it can be said that it has special collaboration features with Woocommerce theme. According to my experience this theme has many specs and features to offer its users. It is easily possible to customize shop page, checkout page and cart page with CMS( don’t requires coding ).

There are a huge amount of demos which can be find on flatsome theme panel. And you can get the demos free from flatsome theme free options. I don’t think I have to mention it specially while we all know about these things. But the thing I should mention specially that is, very few themes contains as cool, clean and professional demos as flatsome theme free demos and these demos are so easy to operate than any other themes.

Flatsome Header

As I said flatsome theme has some special facilities which is available in only a few themes. Another feature of flatsome which impressed me highly is its unique header builder feature. It is very easier to change and customize its header. As it is easy to customize header, you create your own header with your brilliant creative mind. Even more impressive feature is the header builder with which you can build your own header within a few minutes just as like as you want.

I am giving some header options which created by Flatsome theme developers, and you can see how awesome is this and after watching these demos I think you don’t need to create your custom header.

So you have got an idea about its header builder and I think its header builder is much better than Astra.

UX builder of Flatsome

Most probably you don’t know what is UX builder. In most cases when we need to build pages or wordpress we use page builders like elementor or others. If we talk about Astra, this theme is specially made for a famous page builder elementor. But Just like Avada theme, kallyas theme has its own page bulder flatsome has its own page builder named UX builder..

Normally people use page builder plugins from other sources. But flatsome has its own page builder. In that case, users got only a few options. But this is the page builder of its own theme, so users get some extra options and facilities which is not available on other page builders. So this is a feature that makes this theme one step better than Astra but still considering other themes till now Astra is better.

Here you can see how to use Flatsome UX builder and how is it looks like –

Flatsome theme SEO review

SEO is one of the most important things for a website. To rank your website your website must be SEO friendly and which is a must for every website. Without visitors, a website has no value. So focusing on the SEO part of a theme is an important thing.

If we talk about flatsome SEO, first we have to check the speed of this theme and compare it to the speed of Astra. So I searched for a website that is made with flatsome theme and I found a website named a eCommerce website.

Here you can see the website. Now let’s check this website speed with you can use any tool.

And after generating the speed test result you can see it is nothing in comparison to the Astra theme. Thinking about the SEO of a theme, the main thing is its speed. The more speed you have, the more time visitors will stay on your website and the more your chances to rank on google.


In this article, I have tried to share my knowledge, the information I have collected from the internet, and more. So If you like this article please leave a comment to inspire us. Visit our website WordPress Journal to know more about this.

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