Cliqly Email Marketing: An In-Depth Analysis and Review

cliqly email marketing review

In recent times, there’s been quite a buzz surrounding a platform known as Cliqly Email Marketing. Some folks claim it’s a fantastic avenue for earning some extra cash, while others express doubts, suggesting it could be a scam. With varying viewpoints, it becomes imperative to delve deeper into this matter. After all, if we grasp all the nuances correctly, perhaps we, too, can seize the opportunity to bolster our income from the comfort of our own homes in next to no time. So, let’s embark on our exploration through today’s article and uncover more about Cliqly.


What Is Cliqly?

Cliqly is an email marketing platform and affiliate platform that offers users the opportunity to earn commissions by leveraging their email lists. Upon joining, new users receive a complimentary 5000 email subscribers to kickstart their journey. The platform then guides users through the process of sending daily emails to their list, compensating them based on the number of link clicks their emails garner.

One of the standout features of Cliqly Email Marketing is its provision of pre-written draft emails, sparing users the hassle of composing content themselves. Users simply select the draft they wish to send, review it, dispatch it to their subscribers, and await the influx of commissions. Each click on affiliate offers embedded within these emails earns users a commission of 10 cents, incentivizing engagement and driving revenue.

Furthermore, Cliqly has recently introduced a referral program, presenting users with an additional avenue for earning. This program has proven to be a lucrative opportunity for many, supplementing their income beyond affiliate commissions.

How Cliqly Email Marketing Works

Understanding how Cliqly operates is crucial for those considering diving into the world of email marketing with this platform. The workflow begins with a simple sign-up process, where users are granted access to Cliqly’s features. Upon registration, users are provided with a pre-built email list containing 5,000 subscribers, along with sufficient email credits to send out messages for 5 or 6 consecutive days.

The essence of Cliqly lies in the interaction between email recipients and the embedded ads within the messages. Each click on these ads yields a commission of 10 cents for the sender. However, as the free trial period concludes, users are prompted to make a payment of $97 to continue utilizing the platform’s services. It’s worth noting that users can’t withdraw their earnings until they accumulate a total of $300, and payments are processed exclusively via bank wires, with no support for popular payment processors like PayPal or Stripe.

Despite its promise, Cliqly operates with minimal customer support according to some users , leaving users to navigate any issues largely on their own. Moreover, the platform’s sustainability comes into question, as many users report a decline in payments after a certain period. Notably, several positive reviews of Cliqly appear to stem from individuals receiving bonuses to promote the company, raising concerns about the authenticity of these endorsements. As a result, some users find themselves caught in a cycle of debt, continually purchasing credits to sustain their email marketing efforts.

What are the alternatives of Cliqly?

When it comes to email marketing, Cliqly stands out with its unique business model, offering a pyramid-style payout that sets it apart from traditional subscription-based platforms. However, for those seeking alternatives to Cliqly, several competitors in the market offer similar benefits without the associated risks.

One of the primary contenders is MailChimp, a powerhouse in the email marketing industry. MailChimp operates on a subscription payment system and provides users with access to pre-written and pre-approved email templates, along with tools for generating real traffic. With features like predictive segmentation and automation, MailChimp excels in increasing customer loyalty.

Constant Contact presents another formidable alternative to Cliqly. This platform combines email and social media marketing, offering users a diverse range of marketing channels to explore. With emphasis on ease of use and robust marketing automation features, Constant Contact is an attractive option for those seeking a safer alternative to Cliqly while still desiring innovative solutions.

For users who prioritize cost-effectiveness, MailJet emerges as a compelling choice. With a free plan that includes up to 6,000 monthly emails, MailJet offers excellent value for money. Additionally, its round-the-clock customer support ensures that users have access to assistance whenever needed, making it a reliable option for businesses of all sizes.

In summary, while Cliqly may offer a unique approach to email marketing with its pyramid-style payout system, alternatives like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and MailJet provide users with robust features, reliable support, and varied pricing models to suit diverse needs and preferences.

Reports and complaints about Cliqly

Cliqly, a purported email marketing platform, has garnered significant attention for its controversial practices, drawing criticism from users across various online communities. One of the primary grievances voiced by users is the platform’s steep $300 cash out minimum. This requirement stands out starkly against industry norms, leaving users frustrated and questioning the legitimacy of Cliqly’s operations. Unlike reputable platforms that offer more reasonable payout thresholds, Cliqly’s insistence on such a high minimum raises doubts about its commitment to user satisfaction and fairness.

Adding to users’ discontent is Cliqly’s “pay to play” model, which has left many feeling shortchanged. While it’s not uncommon for eCommerce sites and freelancing platforms to charge fees for enhanced services, Cliqly’s $97 upgrade fee post-free trial has stirred controversy. Users find themselves grappling with the question: what tangible benefits justify this investment? Unlike other platforms that offer clear value propositions with their paid plans, Cliqly’s offering appears murky at best, leading to skepticism and dissatisfaction among its user base.

Reports and Complaints Summary of Cliqly email marketing:

  1. $300 cash out minimum
  2. Pay to play model with $97 upgrade fee
  3. Potential FTC penalties for unsolicited emails
  4. Bank wire payment method with additional fees
  5. Allegations of operating a pyramid scheme

So you can understand everything just by looking at these points.

Is it really possible to earn money With Cliqly?

Many individuals wonder : can Cliqly truly be a source of income? The answer seems to be yes, albeit with significant caveats. While reports suggest that Cliqly can indeed generate revenue, the balance between earnings and losses remains precarious, akin to a game of chance. Prospective users are urged to scrutinize the platform’s terms and conditions meticulously. Moreover, exercising caution is paramount, particularly for individuals prone to addictive behaviors. Seeking guidance from financial advisors is advisable for those unsure about venturing into this realm.

Despite the potential for income, it’s important to note the array of complaints and reports surrounding Cliqly’s earnings. Critics argue that Cliqly demands substantial investments, regardless of profitability. Funds injected into the platform are deemed at risk, representing a high-stakes endeavor in the realm of email marketing. Compared to more dependable alternatives, Cliqly stands out as a risky venture. Users face the stark reality that returns are uncertain, emphasizing the speculative nature of engaging with this platform. In essence, Cliqly presents an opportunity fraught with risk, demanding careful consideration and risk assessment before participation.

Cliqly Email Marketing Reviews

**User Reviews of Cliqly email marketing: A Mixed Bag**

Assessing user reviews of Cliqly can be a perplexing endeavor, as opinions on the email marketing platform tend to polarize drastically. The landscape is characterized by stark extremes, with numerous users either singing its praises or decrying its shortcomings. It’s akin to the divisive nature of Marmite – you either love it or hate it

Within the realm of user feedback, Cliqly elicits a spectrum of experiences. On one end, there are those who laud Cliqly for facilitating significant financial gains through their email campaigns. Conversely, there exists a cohort of users who lament substantial losses and even hint at potential legal entanglements. The divergence in experiences underscores the volatility of engaging with Cliqly, with outcomes ranging from prosperity to peril.

For those contemplating Cliqly’s merits, delving into user reviews can provide valuable insights. However, navigating this terrain requires discernment, as the reviews themselves present a disparate array of perspectives. Some caution against being swayed by overly effusive praise, which may potentially mask ulterior motives or involvement in referral schemes. 

Given the mixed nature of the reviews, it’s advisable to cast a wide net across various review platforms to obtain a comprehensive understanding. This approach enhances the reliability of findings and fosters a more informed decision-making process. Moreover, exercising intuition to differentiate between genuine testimonials and potentially fabricated or biased reviews is imperative.

Additionally, according to indeed review, the workers of Cliqly also added some reviews.

Cliqly Email Marketing Reviews

In summary, exploring user reviews of Cliqly unveils a mosaic of experiences, reflecting the platform’s multifaceted nature. While these insights can inform decision-making, proceeding with caution and discernment is paramount in navigating the divergent perspectives surrounding Cliqly.

Is Cliqly legit?

Determining the legitimacy of Cliqly proves to be a complex task. Offering a definitive answer is challenging due to the varied feedback from its user base. The platform evokes a diverse array of experiences, making it difficult to render a straightforward verdict.

Some users assert the legitimacy of Cliqly, citing successful financial outcomes and positive experiences with the platform. However, a significant subset of users voices grievances, casting doubt on its credibility. Reports reveal a litany of concerns, including a steep $300 cash out minimum, a pay-to-play model requiring a $97 upgrade fee, and potential FTC penalties for unsolicited email practices. Additionally, users express unease regarding the platform’s payment method via bank wires, coupled with allegations of operating a pyramid scheme.

Moreover, user reviews highlight a spectrum of experiences, further muddying the waters. While some users claim to have earned a substantial income through Cliqly, others report difficulties in receiving payments. Complaints range from delayed or withheld payments to the abrupt cancellation of transactions, fueling skepticism surrounding Cliqly’s legitimacy.

In light of these factors, it becomes evident that assessing Cliqly’s legitimacy is a nuanced endeavor. Users are advised to approach the platform with caution, conducting thorough research and exercising discernment before engaging. While Cliqly may offer potential opportunities for earning, the presence of reported issues underscores the importance of proceeding with vigilance and skepticism. Ultimately, individuals are encouraged to weigh the risks and benefits carefully before making a decision regarding Cliqly’s legitimacy.


Do you recommend cliqly?

  •  I do not recommend Cliqly as a way to earn money online. While I personally haven’t tried and tested the platform, I’ve come across enough reviews and red flags to tell me this is likely an MLM scam.

Is Cliqly legit?

  • The answer depends on various factors. But A clear cut answer is not really and also yes. Please check the “Is cliqly legit” section of this article.

How Does Cliqly Work?

  • Cliqly pays you commissions for sending emails to your subscribers and generating clicks in those emails. Every click that your emails get pays you 10 cents and you can get your money wired to your bank account when you reach the minimum threshold of $300.

Who Can Join Cliqly

  • Cliqly is available to users more or less worldwide. Anyone above the age of 18 can join the platform and make money.


In the labyrinthine world of email marketing platforms, Cliqly emerges as a contentious figure, evoking both fervent endorsement and vehement condemnation. As users grapple with the question of Cliqly’s legitimacy, one thing becomes abundantly clear: there are no easy answers.

The diverse array of user experiences reflects the complexity inherent in assessing Cliqly’s merits. While some extol its virtues and tout their financial successes, others recount tales of frustration, alleging withheld payments and dubious practices. Moreover, a litany of reports and complaints underscores the multifaceted nature of the debate, raising pertinent questions about Cliqly’s compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

In the face of such ambiguity, prudence becomes paramount. Prospective users are urged to tread cautiously, conducting thorough due diligence and exercising discernment before committing to Cliqly. While the platform may hold promise for some, the presence of reported issues necessitates a measured approach.

Ultimately, the journey through the Cliqly conundrum is fraught with uncertainty. Yet, armed with knowledge and circumspection, users can navigate this landscape with confidence, making informed decisions that align with their goals and values. As the email marketing landscape continues to evolve, vigilance remains our most potent tool in the pursuit of success and security.

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