How to Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2024

email marketing strategies implantation

How to plan for Email Marketing strategies implementation

Low open rates, low clickthrough rates, and high unsubscribed rates. Although there could be many reasons for these issues, there’s a chance that it might be from this one thing and that is not doing perfect Email Marketing strategies implementation

. Email marketing requires a lot of attention to detail, and staying organized with so many moving parts can be tricky. That’s why in this article, I’m gonna share three tips to plan for email marketing strategies implementation. And I’m also gonna show you guys a really neat tool that will keep you organized and help increase your email marketing metrics. First of all check these tips…

Email Marketing strategy

  • Optimizing Emails For Mobile

The first tip is to optimize your emails for mobile. If you’re still designing your emails for desktop only, there’s a good chance that you’re losing engagements. You may be seeing low clickthrough rates, but before you do things like removing unresponsive contacts from your email list, try optimizing your emails for mobile first and this will make a huge difference.

  • Separating Contacts Based On Their Preference

The second tip is to separate contacts based on their preferences. Not everyone wants to or needs to see every single email from you. For example, you can have an email list of the people that only need to know about products or discounts. And then you can create a different list for people that need to know about the company or product updates And so on. This will not only ensure that you’re sending targeted and personalized emails to the right people, but this can also have a positive effect on your unsubscribed rate.

  • Engaging New Email Subscribers

The third tip is to engage your new email subscribers. Sometimes the best leads come soon after they’ve signed up for your newsletter. Make sure to inform them right away of things like how they can be the first to hear about new products, sales, or company updates. You wanna make sure that you’re also moving them closer to your sales funnel. You can do this by linking your blog, a product page, or any sales page in your welcome email. If you’ve never used an email marketing template before,

let me introduce you to an amazing tool that will help you get organized. Our email marketers at HubSpot created an awesome template for other email marketers out there. We have created an awesome template for other email marketers, and it’s completely free. So if you wanna download it and follow along, the link is down below.

Email marketing plan

Or you can download this for excel from here –

Method of Email Marketing Strategy

There are two things that all good email marketers do. Number one is the plan. And number two is the track. The template I’m about to show you guys will help you think through every little detail before you press that irreversible send button. Once you download the template, you’ll see that it’s divided into three sections, email planning in green, email results tracking in yellow, and A/B test planning and results in red.

Email Marketing Planning Template Email Marketing Planning Template


Starting with email planning is where you record the email sent to date. So what day do you want this email to land in someone’s inbox? The email topic. What is this email all about? Are you sending out your new eBook, a monthly newsletter, etc.? The owner. So who on your team will be crafting this email? The status, so you’ll know whether an email is in progress, scheduled, or sent.

The subject line. It’s so important to figure out the best subject line that will entice people to open your email. The email draft link. Here you can copy and paste the draft link so that your team can view the email before it goes live. The send list. So this is where you plug in the name of your email list. And lastly, under the email planning section, is the suppression lists. These are going to be the names of the list you don’t want to send this email to.

Tracking Results

So you sent the email out and now it’s time to record your results and see how your email did. That info will go under the email results tracking section. First, you’ll enter how many email addresses you sent your email to under the total emails sent. Next, under total emails delivered, you’ll plug in how many successfully landed in an inbox. Of the email addresses you sent your email to, how many were opened? Next, how many individuals clicked on a link from your email?

Once you plug your numbers into all of these sections, you’ll see that under deliverability, it automatically calculates the percentage of the total emails delivered and the total emails sent. Next to that, under open rate, it automatically calculates the percentage of the total number of emails opened and the total number of emails delivered.

So for example, an open rate of 20% would mean that, out of every 10 emails delivered, two were actually opened. Under clickthrough rate, it automatically calculates the percentage of people who clicked a link in your email out of the total number of emails opened. And then lastly, you can enter the number of leads generated from email recipients that filled off the form on your landing page.

A/b tests

Now, there are so many different ways you can do A/B tests with your emails. You can test subject lines, images, link placements, etc. So under the red A/B test planning and results section, you can enter what you’re testing and what your results are, to see what performed the best. The best part about this template is that you can customize it to fit your personal needs, or you can use it to track your company’s needs and goals. Feel free to hide columns, add new columns, rename them, and duplicate them to use for every new month.


Since this template helps you think through all the minor details, you’re going to have an easy time planning and organizing your emails and campaigns. And if you want even more free help with email marketing, make sure to comment or contact us. If you want to know more about email marketing visit our website daily.

If you guys have any questions, make sure to leave them down below. Thank you, guys, so much for reading this article. If you want to know more about email marketing, web development, SEO, business methods and more, then visit our website regularly. You can check this, they may help you-

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